Your first day

Just joing us? This is what you can expect to find at Frenchay Preschool on your first day!

Children painting


When you arrive and park up outside the Village Hall, please wait for one of the staff to open the door for you to come inside. The staff open up once they have got all the equipment out and are ready to welcome the children in.

When you go through the door, please hang your child’s coat on the portable coat hanger and if they have a bag with clothes/nappies etc, please hang by disabled toilet. There will also be a bowl for you to put the piece of fruit you have bought for the children’s snack time, which we chop up and share with all children so they have a good choice each day.

Your child’s key worker will welcome him or her in and the children who are staying for lunch will be asked to put their packed lunch onto our trolley. The staff will help your child into the hall and encourage them to start an activity. If your child is a little nervous on their first day please be assured that the staff are very used to handling such situations and will endeavour to help out and make you and your child feel happy and comfortable.


Again the staff will open the door when it is time to collect your child. You will be welcomed into the main hall to collect your child once all the children are lined up. A member of staff will stay on the door to ensure that the correct child goes with the correct adult and to tick your child off the register.

Each child will be by their creativity box, which you will need to empty. It will contain items for you to take home e.g. Newsletters, Invoices, Paintings or other creative art. Once you have removed the items please leave the box in the hall.

We would also like to ask all parents/carers to be as prompt as possible when dropping children off and especially when picking children up as it can be upsetting for a child who is left after all the other children have gone.

We know that your child will be having a great time, enjoying every moment with loads of fun, so make sure you also enjoy the few hours that they are with us!!

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